A Better NU World!

Taken from the Israeli slang word “NU” which means “C’mon” and begs a response, NU is dedicated to making this world a better place, through unique designer shirts!

For every shirt you Buy, we donate a matching shirt to a featured charitable cause & On the inside of each shirt, the story behind the cause, is printed by your heart , so you feel inspired to carry the message close by and represent it out to the world, wherever you go!

The Common Thread!

The State of Israel, a tiny country no bigger than the State of New Jersey, is bursting with humanitarian energy, with over 32,000 charitable organizations (more than any other country per-capita,) and always amongst the first to offer international aid, in the wake of global tragedies.

NU aims to support these amazing charities and connect with people worldwide, by inspiring you to carry this message of hope and peace, by wearing a NU shirt, wherever you go!

Take a Stand!

NU offers exciting activism and educational opportunities for groups and teams worldwide.

We allow you to create and launch your own NU Campaign for a cause, charity, event, loved-one and project of importance to you– click CREATE to Start!

We produce customized T-shirts for events, conferences and campaigns, at special discount rates, including international delivery, within 1 week!

We offer unique educational presentations and workshops focused on social entrepeneurship and activism!

The NU Team

NU is founded and directed by David Kramer and is made up of an exceptionally talented and professional team of designers, photographers, videographers, consultants, educators, activists and interns.

NU is based in Jerusalem and we deliver our 'Made in Israel' shirts anywhere worldwide.